Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dresden and Berlin,Germany and Northern CZ 12.2012

 Here are some photos of our December travels to Berlin, Dresden, and Spindelrov Myln, CZ.  We went to Berlin in the beginning of December with Bob's high school buddy Brent, that came to visit us.  The Christmas lights and market were nice and the sights were interested.  Berlin is huge (7 times the size of Paris) so we took the hop-on/hop-off bus to check it all out and then went to the historical museums that are world renown for their archealogical excavations.  We views egyptian, greek, roman and persian artifacts.  The germans completely dismantled entire walls and buildings and then rebuilt them in these special designed museum.  We saw and walked under the actual wall of Babylon!  Of course while you are in Berlin, we went to Checkpoint Charlie, learned all about the rise of Communism in Germany and The Wall.  There are certain areas in the city where artists were able to paint on parts of the wall that can be found throughout the city.

We went to Dresden, Germany for the weekend just before Christmas to enjoy the fantastic Christmas markets and shop at ToysR Us. We went with our friends the McOmbers (IBM family from New York).
Between Christmas and New Year's Day we went skiing in the Northern part of the Czech Republic.  Both boys took half day lessons and then skied with us for a few days.  Robby tried skiboarding during his lesson and finished the day doing it, but came to the conclusion that he will try it again when he is a bit bigger and stronger.  As with many things in the CZ, english speakers are few and far between.  The sign on the door says to pull, but you need to push and our waiter only spoke english when it was convenient for him (not most of the time).  We met two other families that we are friends with and enjoyed hanging out and skiing with them.  One family is from Robby's czech baseball team.  The dad is American and the mom is Czech, so the boy speaks english.  The other family is an IBM family on assignment from Australia.  The conditions were fair to good for December, but the view from the mountain top made it all worth it!  On the way home we stopped at this building to buy commercial grade fireworks that we let off on New Year's Day night. Crazy good!

our hotel had goats.

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