Thursday, March 7, 2013

December 2012 and January-February 2013 in Prague

Robby playing his guitar at the winter performance at school.

Robby's class feasting on international lunch provided by classmates for international culture week in Decembe.

Robby in class ready to listen to Harry's presentation on Hong Kong and his family.

Nicky's class sitting down for their international feast.

Christmas morning!
Christmas brunch

Intercontintenal Hotel for brunch with the Williams Family.

Old Town Prague tree

Bruno getting big.
Happy Birthday at TGIFriday's in Prague.

Bowling party for Nicky's birthday.

A snowy view of the Prague Castle.

US Embassy

Beautiful hotel in Mala Strana (little town Prague).

The next photos were taken of Mala Strana in January.

Nicky ready to score at Saturday basketball at ISP
(International School of Prague).

Robby is waiting for his game time while showing off his new shoes he personally designed.

We went to the National Theatre to go see the traditional Christmas performance which is a combination of the Nutcracker, Dickens Christmas Carol, and the characters of St. Nicholas (angel, devil and Sv. Mikolas).
It was beautifully done and quite interesting.

The next group of photos were taken in the field and woods across the street from our house this winter.

Out to lunch with some of the families from ISP.  We are at St. Norbert's restaurant at the monastery.  They have been brewing their own beer for about 400 years.

The green tower is St. Thomas. It is the parish we belong to.

The inside of St. Thomas.  It's quite cold in here, hence the hat and coats.  We usually can see our breath.
I wonder if they really use these still?

Robby's balloon creation for St. Valentine's Day.

Bob in Red Quare, Moscow, Russia on business.

St. Basil, Moscow

Our house.  We probably ended up getting about two feet of snow total for the winter season.