Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 January

Happy New Year!
We wish you a new year filled with love, laughter and many blessings.  We are excited about 2013!  We have many plans for the year personally, professionally and spiritually.  We hope you do too.

After three weeks for holiday, the boys will go back to school tomorrow. Many of their friends were away, so they are looking forward to seeing everyone again. We really enjoyed our time together and I think we are learning to coexist quite nicely.  No major battles and not lots of stress.  No drama is good!

We spent the holidays with friends and enjoyed our get away to the northern part of the Czech Republic.  We went skiing at Spindlrov Myln and had a good time, for the most part. Only problem we encountered were the icy patches, usually worst during our last run of the day.  Day one: boys took lessons the first two hours (Robby skiboarding for the first time).  After lunch, we head up the four person lift to the top of the mountain.  This is Nicky's first time on a lift and he does great.  We are impressed with how well the boys made their way the 30 minutes it took to come down the mountain. We break to meet up with friends, then decide to call it a day and ski down a different part to where the car is parked. Not a good idea in hindsight.  The bottom 1/3 was a sheet of ice, Nicky's ski binding was loose, so his ski kept popping off and it became impossible to see the safe areas because it gets dark at 3:30.  After trying to ski down, sliding down on our butts at hyper speed, crashing into each other numerous times, Nicky and I decided the only way down was to walk near the tree line.  Robby and Bob were already down the mountain and so was most everyone else there.  Nicky and I made our way down, Vanessa carrying two sets of skis, and it took us about 1 hour to finally reach the bottom.  You don't even want to know how many bruises I had on my bottom.  I was really proud of Nicky.  He kept his cool even though he was really scared.  Day two: Nicky and I went to the water park and Bob and Robby went skiing. Robby does fantastic on skis (except for the major wipeout on the last run of the day).  Day three: Robby has a fever so I stay with him and Bob takes Nicky skiing to a different mountain.  He does great!  We are all looking forward to skiing in Austria where the runs will be powder, the boys will be in ski school with their friends, and there will be more then two lifts!!

For New Years Eve, our friends the Brennan's invited us to watch the fireworks at the US Embassy.  In the Czech Republic, anyone can buy commercial grade fireworks and many can even be found at your local grocery store.  So when I say to see the fireworks, I mean it.  I have never seen anything like this before!  The embassy is situated on the hillside overlooking lesser town and facing the river along with the heart of Prague and its outskirts. Everyone and their brother were letting off fireworks all over town, in every single direction for a good 30 minutes.  It was amazing!  It even came to the point the the boys were tired of it and wanted to leave.  Can you imagine? Being sick of about overload! If you go to my facebook account, you can view a video of them from Mary Brennan.  Of course it doesn't do it justice but at least you can get the idea of the immensity.