Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas

Dear Family and Friends,

We send you Prague wishes for a wonderful Christmas holiday season filled with love and laughter.  As we prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus, we are reminded how blessed we are to have some many people we love and appreciate in our lives.  We thank you for your kindness and friendship.

My, what a year we have had! The boys have grown taller and closer together during our time here.  The International School of Prague has been a wonderful place for our family and the boys have made some really nice friends.  The school has also been a life line for Vanessa as well and  she spends a good bit of time helping out and enjoying the company of the other moms. Bob travels to Poland most every week for a couple days and is working on a few large sales pursuits which will hopefully be signed and sealed early in 2013. For Christmas Eve we will be celebrating with our dear friends the McOmbers from New York and setting off a plethora of commercial grade fireworks that would never be legal in the US in the field across from our house.  Christmas day will be spent going to church and brunch with our good friends the Williams family from Nebraska.  Then later in the week,we will go skiing in Spindelova, CZ. 

It's been quite an interesting experience to have the opportunity of living abroad for the past nine months.  We have traveled extensively and met lovely expats from around the world.  We have also learned a good bit about ourselves and have grown in many positive ways.  I'm not going to say it has been a complete joy and done with great ease, because it has not.  Our time away has being trying at times, and frustrating in a number of ways, but over all, we are much better for experiencing it all...the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I think the biggest obstacle we have encountered is missing our friends.  Like Dorothy says, There's no place like home. Our hope is still what it was at the beginning of the adventure, for us to gain wonderful new experiences that will enlighten and educate us in ways we never imagined, become more well rounded in an ever so rapidly changing world....and it has been nothing short of that.  

We hope you all have had a healthy and happy year and we wish you all the best in 2013.  We would love to hear from you!  Please contact us at or call us at 770-330-2971 (it counts as a local call to you and is free), or contact us on skype at Vanessa Lentine Cucchi.

God bless y'all!!

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