Friday, May 18, 2012

Well, we have been here for almost three months, and I can honestly say I think we all have finally found our groove.  The first two months were quite hectic with all of the adjusting to our new way of doing things, the language barrier, finding our way around the city, and locating where to buy certain items.  I am very proud of the boys for taking the move so well, not an easy task.  Nicky hasn't skipped a beat and continues to sing every morning while getting ready for school.  Robby has taken a little longer to warm up, but he is turning the corner.  Both boys miss their friends of course, as do Bob and I, but we are meeting some terrific folks here and building new friendships. 

Both boys are playing baseball on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays afternoons at school.  Bob is the coach and the boys are on the same team (Nicky is playing up).  Baseball here is more like gym class with both boys and girls playing together and there are only two teams, so they play each other every Saturday.  Needless to say, it's a lot different the Murphy Candler little league in Atlanta, but the boys (all three) are having fun.  Bob also takes the boys to a Czech baseball clinic Saturday mornings with another US family and receiving some terrrific instruction.  Robby has also joined a Czech lacrosse team a few weeks ago.  When I say Czech I mean that all the players are Czech (speak little to no english).  Fortunately a few of the assist coaches speak some english.  The boys are fairly nice, but much rougher than US lacrosse.  We had to get new pads for Robby that are thicker and more coverage since the other boys think they are playing hockey, body checks and all.  The team plays pretty much year round.  They have a tournament next Sunday so that will be Robby's first go at a real game since the fall.  The coach likes having Robby on the team because he is fast and has great technique.  He's hoping Robby can teach some of his teammates.  I guess Robby better hurry up and learn Czech!

We have our first US visitor staying with us.  Bob's mom and  dad arrived May 9 and have seen many of the sights of Prague the past eight days.  Now they are off to Vienna and Budapest for a week via train, then they will stay with us for five more days.  We have enjoyed having them here and look forward to hearing about their trip when they get back to us.  We hope we have more visitors in the future.  We have plenty of room so come on!

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