Friday, May 25, 2012

A few things that are different:

We have construction in front of our house. We live on a single lane road (one each way) and they are working on laying pipes on one side.  They are digging up about 200 yards of the road.  The workers started March 15 and plan to be done beginning of August.  Their system is archaic, they are causing many people an additional 15 minute detour, and in the states this job would take 3 weeks tops (even with our Atlanta crew of ten men standing watching while two work).  The good news is they let me pass (there are five houses directly in front of construction so we have access to go) but we often have to wait a few minutes before they can move the trucks.  The men are all very friendly and wave and smile when I wave and smile at them.  My italian neighbor, Chiara (who is actually terrific, but just fed up with the inconvenience), does not wave or smile and she has to wait 5-10 minutes to pass.

I typically go to three different grocery stores each week, but have gone to up to six just to find the foods and cleaning products I need.  There are many chains of stores, but they all carry different qualities.  One has good meat, the other has great produce, one is right in town but is very small but okay in a jam.  There are also a few British shops which sell cake mix and chili in a can, but for double US price.  The good news is I have many options.  I'm sure it was much worse 10 years ago here. I don't know how I could work in an office and get all my house jobs done.  Most of the stores are 15-25 minutes away.

My laundry is another difference.  My washing machine takes 2 hours 15 minutes for one load and my dryer takes 1 hour 55 minutes.  My friends come over and see the big size of my washing machine and newness of both appliances and are quite envious.

Yes, life is much slower here.

You may think that I am being a bit negative, but actually I find it quite humorous.  I am enjoying the slower pace, and besides the construction, the rest of my experiences here have totally out weighed it in a positive manner.  We have all met some terrific people, the weather is wonderful (75 degrees with a light breeze, no humidity and the sun is shining). Prague is truly a beautiful city.  There is so much to do and see.

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