Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Okay, I'm finally ready to tell you that we had to send Herschel to doggie heaven.  As you know, he wasn't doing too well upon arrival.  He just got worse and worse.  He arrived on a Thursday night, I wanted to give him a day to recoup from the long journey and get him used to knowing we are all together again. The vet is closed on weekends, so Monday I brought him in and their was no hope.  The vet was very sweet and kind with us all.  We were able to stay with him until the end.  Fortunately Bob was not traveling and could be there too.  It was such a tough decision for us to take him with his age of 14, but the vet thought he would be strong enough and so did we.  I think it was just his time and we are grateful we could all be with him.

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  1. So sorry! He was such a sweet dog.

    We miss you but love following your life via the blog.