Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's April already?

Hello dear friends,
Unbelievable how busy I am.  I actually thought I would be bored and/or lonely, but quite the opposite.  My days are filled with making our house into a home.  We received our sea shipment a few weeks ago and today I finished emptying the last of the boxes (except for 5 that will probably not get emptied until May).  The main floor looks great, but the other two floors have a lot of work to be done.  One day at a time.  I'm sorry I haven't written in so long, but I feel guilty blogging when there is so much work to be done.  It was quite frustrating to have to dig through boxes every time I needed something.  This week however, I am finally feeling settled and comfortable.  The good news it the movers emptied a majority of the boxes and my kitchen was organized within the first few days of receiving shipment.  Poor Robby was sick for a week with a fever and a bad cough, so I spent a good bit of quality time laying in bed watching movies with him. He is feeling much better now and has been back to school for 7 days.

The rest of my day time is spent meeting new ladies from all over the world at the boys' school.  Three weeks ago I went on a "field trip" for moms and we went to the Asian market.  Who knew Prague had one?  It was not just a market, but a village!  I went with 24 ladies and had a great time.  They were from Iran, Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Austria, and South Africa.  I was one of 3 from the US.  I also have a nice group of ladies that have invited me to be their permanent tennis substitute for their foursome.  I have only been here for 5 weeks and have played 3 of those weeks. It feels good to get out and whack the ball a bit!  We has also met our neighbors.  They have a 9,6, and 4 year old and they are from Rome.  They have been here since August and speak english quite well.  They go to the other international school nearby.  We enjoy their company very much and get along famously.

Last week I went on a field trip with Nicky's class to the lesser town of Prague.  It was a walking tour and it was fun to get to know Nicky's classmates and teachers.  Nicky has really acclimated well with his class and the move.  During his first full week of school, the first grade had a music performance.  They practiced a bunch Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so by Thursday's show Nicky knew every song (some of them were in Swahili, Czech and Russian) and all the dance moves too!   I was so impressed and so were a bunch of the other moms and teachers! There were like "who is that boy?"  Way to go Nicky!

Robby is making friends too.  The first week we were here he was invited to a birthday party (classmate Mateo).  Later the next week we had a day off and I took the boys and Mateo to an indoor waterpark.  We had a blast and had lots of funny stories to tell Bob when we got home.  All of the men wear speedos, yes even the fat, old ones and most of the women wear bikinis.  As a matter of fact, I, in my tankini and skirt bottom was the only one covered so much besides two ladies in their 70s.  It was a sight to see!  About half of the girls 7 and under don't' wear tops at all.  Robby was funny when he said about a dad with his daughter "hey, its just a normal day with my daughter sitting next to me without a top on and me wearing a tiny swimsuit.  Everything's fine."  He's so funny!

Last weekend we went to Dresden, Germany for a few days.  It's a two hour car ride away.  We visited old town Dresden and walked all over.  We saw some famous paintings from Ruben and Rembrandt with his "cheeky angels".  The churches there are really beautiful and it's hard to believe that the city was totally rebuilt after the bombing of WWII.

Tomorrow we are leaving for spring break.  We will be heading for Munich, Germany and Legoland for 2 days, then off to Italy for one night in the Dolomite Mountains and then down to Venice for two nights. We will finish off our journey with a four night stay in Vienna.  Bob will have to go to Poland for a few days while we are in Vienna, but I think the boys and I will make do.

Bob is traveling a few days a week, mostly to Poland.  He doesn't seem to mind and is enjoying the challenges of his new position.  He really likes his boss and is glad that he doesn't have to go back to Istanbul for a while.  He swears they don't have washing machines  there, if you get my drift.

We hope y'all have a lovely Easter and enjoy some quality time with your family!

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  1. Sounds too good to be true! So happy things are going so well.... and tennis too! Pictures are fantastic! Love checking in on you guys. Hope all continues to be such an amazing adventure! Love you!