Thursday, March 8, 2012

The first months

Hello!  Sorry it has taken me so long to post a new update.  As you can imagine, I have been busy getting everything organized and settled.  I have also tried to start a new message, but I couldn't figure out how to get the blog website to not be in Czech, as I am not fluent in it yet and it is not the easiest to navigate when one doesn't know the language.  I do have lots to share and hopefully can share some fun photos too.
Boy, where to start?  Since we arrived, we spent the first three nights in the hotel and spent our days between buying stuff for the house and seeing the sights. Monday was a blast!  We toured the Prague castle, shot a crossbow, walked across the Charles Bridge and all over town.  The boys got their first look at the clock tower in the old town square.  Wednesday, February 29, was our first night sleeping in our new home.  We have a new Ikea bed in the downstairs guest room, where Bob and I sleep and the boys are on the third floor sleeping on the giant Ikea futon.  They love it up there! We also had our first visitors to the house: the McOmbers.  They are the IBM family from New York that have been helping us get situated in Prague.  Dave, Stacy, Grace (grade 6) and Ella (grade 3) have been here since August.  The girls brought the boys a goodie bag of all of their favorite treats available at the local grocery store. What a nice surprise! The boys hit it off with Ella the first minute they met and Grace hung with the moms b/c she is a cool midschooler.
 March 1 was a big day for us: Bob went to the office for the first time using the public transportation from Nebusice (our village) and I took the boys to visit their classrooms and check out the school.  If you like you can view the International School of Prague website at  The boys were excited to start school and eager to make new friends. Before we went to school though, we went on a little adventure to the large supermarket (hypermarket Albert) near by.  I had been there in January, but didn't exactly know where it was or what it was called.  We found it in a roundabout way, and also know how to get to the airport!   We had our precious delivery of Herschel the same evening.  Unfortunately, he didn't look so good.  He was weak, dehydrated, and had lost weight.  Yes, I know our yellow lab is 14, but he was looking pretty darn good when we left him in Atlanta Feb. 24.
March 2: Bob and I brought the boys to school for their first day and had the opportunity to meet a bunch of parents after the bell rang.  All nice folks speaking english.  61 countries are represented at the school with US and Korea being #1and #2. The boys have 18 kids in their classes with probably 1/3 US 1/4 asian, and 5/12 being from a european country.  We spent so much time talking to folks that Bob was late for work (probably by Bob's design), so I drove him in our rental car.  It takes him 52 minutes door to door using public transit and it took us 45 by car.  Granted we had to rely on the navigational tool to find our way using the highway.  I went through the city the way back, but it took the same amount of time.  Bob says the bus/metro is good and easy (thank goodness).  We spent the evening at the local bowling/restaurant/hotel with two IBM families for dinner and the kids bowled.  I was drunk after one beer and it was lovely!  The beer is big, strong and delicious.
March 3-Saturday: We were looking forward to sleeping in because we were still getting used to the six hour time change.  We spent the day finishing the unpacking of our air shipment delivery from yesterday. It consisted of ten boxes and it was like Christmas all over again: Clothes, toys, computers, and fruit loops!  Ah, the little joys of life.   Our sea crate will be delivered the end of March (hopefully). Later that day we headed to the Hypermarket Albert which I learned Friday is actually a mall, so went to check it out.  Bob bought a giant remote control airplane for the boys to use in the field across the street from our home.  That  should be interesting!
March 4- Sunday:  Poor Herschel continues to have a difficult time.  He sleeps all day, and only eats and drinks a little.  We are worried about him.  The weather is nice and sunny, so we headed to downtown Prague to visit the Petrin Tower and go out to dinner.  We were all excited to see more of the sights and eat out.  The Little Town area is stunning and the view from the Petrin Tower is amazing.  We can see our house from the top too!  For dinner we went to The Cantina mexican restaurant and is was surprisingly authentic.  It is very near to St. Mary's where the Infant of Prague statue is and many pilgrimage to see it from latin america. We will definitely eat there again.
I must stop now because it is getting close to the boys bedtime.  I will continue the update tomorrow and hopefully figure out how to upload photos.  Miss and love y'all!