Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day One

Today we arrived on a cold February morning with our 14 bags. Customs at the Prague airport was a breeze and our driver joked with us when he saw all of our bags by saying,"you've got enough bags to move here." We reassured him that indeed we are moving here! After checking into our hotel and taking a long nap, we all headed to Ikea and Electo (small appliance store)in our rental car to stock up for our new home. $3000.00 later, we are all set until our air and sea crates arrive in March. We are anticipating the arrival of the air crate mid March, and the sea 40 ft crate is due end of March. Tomorrow we will meet with our landlord to have the walk through of our rental house and have the keys handed over to us. The boys are extremely excited to see their new place and check out the little village we will call home. After we get the details of our house settled, we will spend the next few days being tourists and seeing the sights of Prague during our hotel stay. On Wednesday, our beds will be delivered and set up and we will spend our first night in Nebusice. We have had a successful and long first day. Although we are definitely jet lagged, we are all in a good mood and excited for this opportunity to expand our horizons.


  1. Please post pictures. Hana hasn't stopped talking about how much she is going to miss Nicky! What a great adventure!!

  2. We miss you guys and sounds like your having a good time. Thanks for the post!