Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fall Photos

Readers' Theatre in Nicky's class

at Karlstein Castle (CZ) with Omi

 Mt. Edna smoking viewed from the plane landing in Sicily.
 the Church outside our place in Scicli, Sicily
 Upstairs pool of our sweet pad
indoor pool

 At the beachhouse on the sea

That's some hole!


the demigod that fell from the sky


Movie time at the house


 Saluti atuti

the Sicilian symbol found everywhere, looks like my dad

Now and later

At the chocolate factory

The Ear in Syracuse

tradition wagon with a new use

One of the best seafood meals ever!

 breakfast view each morning

the town of Sicli

On our way to the airport

Church in Vienna

Admiring art with the Franklins

This one reminds me of american flad

bouquet of gold

religious relics: thorn from the crown and nail from the cross


display of Hasburgs wealth

Shopping in Budapest with Charlotte

Hungarian welcome

 Pest from the Buda side

Halloween 2012